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Located just outside Orlando in beautiful WinterGarden Florida. We are part of the largest retailer of electric bikes in the United States. With over 90 electric bikes to compare we’re proud to bring electric bikes to all central Florida. eBikes offer many health benefits. Many medical studies have proven electric bikes are actually better for cardiovascular issues, like pulse rate and blood pressure than regular bikes. The 12,000 customers that we have sold, all tell us they’re just plan fun!  With the added power from a motor you’ll be able to tackle any hill on any terrain. If you’ve never rode an ebike now is your chance! Stop and take a free test ride.

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With more than 12,000 Electric Bikes sold, we can say we’re experts. Our expertise and hard work ranked us the #1 Electric Bike Store in the United States according to Alexa Page Rankings. We could not achieve this overnight.

Our loyal customers often tell us, they may not be sure they are purchasing the right ebike, but with our 2 week 100% exchange on any other bike from our 90 bike selection they know they’ve chosen the right store.

Our Service. We have experienced factory trained electric bike technicians for repairs, maintenance and tune-ups.

Because of our excellent customer service over the years our customers come back to us over and over again. One rider turns into two, two turn into a family of electric bike riders.

And they can all keep up with each-other on the steepest hills and strongest head-winds.

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