Rental Rates



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Price of renting: 

Ebike Rentals prices start around $60 for 4 hours.

Purchase your rental:

We do sell our rentals, for a discounted amount over new price. This is a great option if you fall in love with our ebikes, it happens to allot of folks. Once you get one an ebike it can be hard to get off.

No reservations required:

Unlike many rental centers, they require you to set an appoint and even place a deposit, with a credit card. I guess we’re old-fashioned in some ways because we don’t require you to do any of those things.

Just give us a call and let us know when you’re coming in!

Ebike Rental disclosure:

Please note, if you cause damages to our ebikes there can be a fee. We’re pretty realistic about things, just don’t damage what is not yours. We like to keep our Ebikes in good shape for others that may want to purchase them from us.